​5 Foods That Will Help You Get Your Fill of Immunity-Boosting Zinc

Oct 27th 2020

​5 Foods That Will Help You Get Your Fill of Immunity-Boosting Zinc

By now, you have probably heard plenty of buzz about zinc. Data suggests that the mineral plays an important role in immune health, including keeping viruses from entering the body, inhibiting viral replication, and balancing the immune response during an infectious disease. And let us not forget this nutrient's vital role in metabolism, digestion, and nerve function. Needless to say, zinc is something you need to have in your diet.

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Daily requirements for zinc range from eight (8) to thirteen (13) milligrams for adults, depending on your sex and whether you are pregnant or lactating. With COVID-19, cold and flu season around the corner, making a point to get your daily dose of zinc may help you fight off any bugs circulating this winter. Here are five foods that pack a punch.


Peanuts are a natural source of zinc. They are tasty, affordable, and easy to eat every day, whether you're sprinkling them onto a salad, spreading peanut butter on some apples or bread, or simply enjoying them on their own. They are an especially important source of zinc for those following a plant-forward lifestyle.


The humble little oyster is jam-packed with zinc — just three (3) ounces of these delicacies contain over 600% of your daily value — and the benefits do not stop there. When you eat oysters, you will also give your body a boost of immunity supporting DHA Omega-3 fatty Acids!


Indulging in three ounces of beef chuck roast will fuel your body with seven (7) milligrams of zinc. Whether enjoyed at a fancy steakhouse or at a hamburger joint, beef packs a punch when it comes to natural zinc.


Noshing on some chicken thighs will provide your body with zinc, along with other important nutrients. If you are not feeling your best and want to whip up some soup to soothe your aches, be sure to toss some pieces of real chicken into the mix.


Although chickpeas do not contain as much zinc as beef and oysters, they still contain a small amount of this immunity-supporting mineral. To get more hummus into your diet, swap out your usual sandwich condiment or add a dollop to your salad for a boost of antioxidants, fiber, and of course, zinc.