​Espresso to the Rescue

Apr 22nd 2020

​Espresso to the Rescue

I have never been a morning person, and as a mom to three boys, I need all the energy I can muster, so I must rely on coffee to get me going for the day. Although I have always preferred to sweeten my coffee, I was intrigued when I came across Maximum Slim Organic Espresso.

Last year I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and since then, I have been a lot more cognizant about what I am putting into my body. I battle pain and crippling fatigue every day, like I am always coming down with a nasty bug. Sometimes I have a bad flare up where it feels like every joint in my body is aching simultaneously, and sugar seems to only make these flares worse.

Although I have always preferred to sweeten my coffee, I do enjoy premium brew and figured that Maximum Slim Organic Espresso would be a perfect sugar-free pick-me-up, with the added benefit of vitamins and antioxidants. Maximum Slim Organic Espresso are made with responsibly sourced, organic Arabica coffee beans. This Espresso is brew with B complex vitamins, biotin, folate, L-theanine and ginseng, vitamin C, selenium, and antioxidants from green tea.


Maximum Slim Organic Espresso is a tasty way to power up while I make breakfast for my kids. My body tends to be stiff and sore in the morning, and this brew help to at least clear the brain fog while my joints loosen up. I also find them to be helpful later in the day, a much healthier option for getting over that early-afternoon slump than a sugary snack or drink.