Is coffee good for you? 1 cup a day can offer these health benefits.

Posted by MAXIMUM SLIM on Apr 17th 2024

Is coffee good for you? 1 cup a day can offer these health benefits.

Coffee beans contain powerful antioxidants. Here's what the research says about coffee's impact on heart health, brain health, weight loss and mood.

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Coffee is a morning elixir, helping you to wake up and provide a jolt of energy. It’s famous for caffeine, of course, but it also comes with some impressive health benefits.

Americans love the coffee: More than two-thirds, 67%, report drinking coffee in the past day — more than any other beverage including plain water. That’s a 20-year high, it notes.

Take a sip and you will feel the effects right away: The caffeine in coffee is a central nervous system stimulant, “speeding everything up” in the body and brain.

It will increase your energy levels. It can also decrease feelings of fatigue.

There many are benefits to coffee… But if you are a coffee drinker, I still think you should watch how much you drink, please do not exceed the recommended daily use.

The benefits of coffee

Coffee beans have more than 100 biologically active compounds, including powerful antioxidants. These compounds can help reduce inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity, boost metabolism, inhibit the gut’s absorption of fat and block receptors involved with abnormal heart rhythms.

Heart health

A cup of coffee a day is associated with a longer life, and a lower risk of heart disease and heart rhythm problems.

The benefits applied to both people with and without heart disease, men and women.

Lower mortality

Drinking coffee, especially unsweetened coffee, is linked with a lower risk of death, another study found.

People who drank additional coffee, 1.5 to 3.5 cups, are less likely to die over seven years than people who didn’t drink coffee at all.

Coffee drinkers also have reduced risk of liver disease and a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Weight loss

Moderate consumption of caffeinated coffee may also be part of a weight management strategy, calling the impact an “anti-obesity effect.”

It found people who rarely drank coffee and then boosted their intake to up to seven cups a week reduced their total body fat — perhaps because coffee impacts metabolism, the authors wrote.


Does it possibly cut appetite? People who tend to drink Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee have reported a decrease in appetite due to the properties of the unroasted coffee beans. 

Brain health

People who drank coffee had a lower incidence of stroke and dementia.

Coffee can also boost mood.

In low doses, caffeine may help depression. That’s because it stimulates dopamine, a chemical in the brain that plays a role in pleasure, motivation, and learning.

Coffee risks

Too much caffeine can lead to a fast heart rate, anxiety, jitteriness, headache and insomnia, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cautions.

Know yourself! I’m a one-cup-a-day person and I cannot have it after 11 a.m. or I won’t sleep.

If you regularly drink coffee and decide to have another, it can trigger a migraine.

Drinking more than six cups of coffee a day was associated with a 53% increased risk of dementia, this is NOT recommended.

Is it good to drink coffee every day?

The FDA says up to 400 milligrams of caffeine a day is safe for most adults. That’s about four 8-ounce cups of brewed coffee. Keep in mind the portions in popular coffee chains are often much bigger, and other foods and drinks contain caffeine, including chocolate and cola.

Pregnant women should talk to their doctor about their caffeine intake, the FDA advises.

If you already drink coffee, like it and tolerate it well, "you’re in luck" when it comes to the potential health benefits that might come along with it.